Application area

Application area

Standalone aerosol fire suppression system (SAFSS) «Strazhnik» is designed to protect against fires of class A (subclass A2), B, C, E (up to 35 kV voltage)

- Electric and electronical equipment (up to 35 kV voltage), located in the confined spaces (closets, alcoves, channels, bays, servers, server rooms)

- Equipment in vehicles (automobiles, trains, air and sea crafts), that is located in confined spaces (boxes, cabinets, motor and technical compartments, gondolas, holds, containers)

- Contents of bank vaults, safes, cells

- Armories, warehouses, hangars, bunkers
  • Cable chambers, electric chambers, server rooms

  • Sea & river vessels

  • Motor transport

  • Petroleum & gas industry objects

  • Oil & gas refineries

  • Railway

  • Control panels

  • Garages

  • Warehouse premises, industrial premises

  • Electrical vehicles

  • Aircrafts, armored vehicles

  • TV & radio devices, personal computers