Main advantages

Main advantages

Has detection, suppression and alarm functions, and independent power source.

Suppresses the fire at its origin and prevents the propagation of the fire beyond the protected objects.

Does not generate high temperatures and corrosive media in the protected object.

Delivers the fire suppression aerosol directly to the combustion zone without increasing the concenration of harmful substances in the air outside the protected object.

The system is compact, non-volatile and requires no maintenance.

It is simple, reliable, easily combined with conventional fire alarm systems and automatic fire suppression systems.

Prevents re-ignition during the substantial period of time (up to 0,5 hour) because of the phlegmatization effect.

Does not harm the equipment or personnel.

Effectively protects valuable items from combustion (works of art, important documents, securities, jewelery, money, etc.).

Has a wide operating temperature range.