Installation with low temperature separated fire extinguishing aerosol.

SAFSS «Strazhnik-002» is designed to extinguish conditionally sealed volume up to 200 litres. Operational temperature range from -50 to +60 °C.

The main objects of protection
Electric and electronical equipment (up to 35 kV voltage), located in the confined spaces (closets, alcoves, channels, bays, servers, server rooms).

Equipment in vehicles (automobiles, trains, air and sea crafts), that is located in confined spaces (boxes, cabinets, motor and technical compartments, gondolas, holds, containers).

Contents of bank vaults, safes, cells.

Armories, warehouses, hangars, bunkers.

  Объекты защиты 

Fire classes
Standalone aerosol fire suppression system (SAFSS) «Strazhnik-002» is designed to protect against fires of class «А» (subclass «А2»), «B», «C», «E» (up to 35 kV voltage)



Up to 11 years provided timely replacement of the battery.

Protected volume, V

0,10m³ - 0,20m³

Packing size/weight
136 x 65 x 36 mm, weight 0,340 kg.

Product installing video instruction