«Strazhnik-2» - The aerosol fire extinguishing generator portable (AFEGP).

The aerosol fire extinguishing generator «Strazhnik-3» is designed for operational use on fires of classes «A» (subclass «A1» (elimination of flaming), «A2»), «B», «C», «E» in conditionally sealed premises, including electrical installations and electrical equipment under voltage up to 35 kV and for fighting locally-volume and locally-superficial fires. The operating temperature range is from -50 to +50 °C.

Application options
1. The directional impact of the jet spray on the surface pockets of ignition (extinguish the man's clothing);
2. Throw the device in a relatively-sealed volumes (electrical cabinets, switchboards, technological niches, etc.);
3. The creation of a smokescreen, including for the purpose of masking or evacuation.

The mechanism of extinguishing the fire
Method of extinguishing chemical inhibition of chain reactions of oxidation in the flame burning zone with fine particles of the alkali metal salts. Operate with manual mechanical (scratch) method, the yield of aerosol is carried out along the axis of the generator from the side towards the fire downwind.

Fire classes
AFEGP «Strazhnik-2» is intended for operational use on fires of classes «А» (subclass «А1» (elimination of flaming), «А2»), «В», «С», «Е».


Working time

at least 60 seconds

Protected volume, V

1,0m³ / 0,3m²


10 years


from -50 to +50 °С

Usage instructions

Designed and manufactured in cooperation with JSC «Cheboksary Production Association named V.I.Chapaev»