Working principle

Working principle

In the principle of aerosol fire extinguishing lies chemical reduction process of chain reactions in the zone of flame combustion.

The main element of the aerosol fire extinguishing system are generators of fire-extinguishing aerosol, consisting of solid aerosol forming charge enclosed in a metal case fitted with a cooling system and site launch.

As a result of burning of the charge initiated by pyrotechnic impulse from the node running the generator produces a cloud of fire-extinguishing aerosol, which fills the volume and extinguishes the fire. The aerosol particles generated by the combustion of the charge, due to their small size (0.5-5 µm), can be suspended for 30-40 minutes.

Upon reaching concentration of aerosol fire extinguishing sharply decreases heat dissipation, there is a gradual decrease in the temperature of the gas environment and combustion stops.

Within 20-30 minutes after the end of operation of generators in conditionally sealed space is maintained fire extinguishing concentration of the aerosol, which eliminates the possibility of re-ignition.